YG STANS: We hurt as much as our biases, but in the end, we go through it like badasses. Hashtag; SWAG.

You can’t break YG STANS, you just can’t.

Let’s play a game. Are you in?
The game is called; Triple Dog Dare
Let me explain. This is like Truth or Dare, but with a twist. Instead of having to choose Truth, you can only choose Dare. Triple Dog Dare is a challenge, it tests your capability and your strength. But in our case, it also tests our LOYALTY.

Here are the rules:
★You CANNOT back out.
★You HAVE to do the Dare, if you can’t, then you’re out.

Simple right?

So to all BLACKJACKS out there, I Triple Dog Dare you to:
♥Scream as loud as you can for 2NE1. in awards shows, concerts, performances, etc. (Not at the airport, hotels, or any public places though)
♥Show them that we’re always here to support them.
♥Give them love, loads of it!
♥Be STRONG for them.
♥PROTECT them.
♥IGNORE the haters.
♥Treat the members EQUALLY.
♥Stand up for them.
♥Be there for them when others are trying to put them down.
♥Be KIND to them.

Here’s the special Triple Dog Dare of this week:
♡Send our Angel Bom loads of love.

Are you up for it BLACKJACKS?
Just so you know, this will go on for a VERY long time. More Dare’s will be added in, are you in? If you are, let’s start.

Spread the news BLACKJACKS.

Lee Chaerin’s aunt is a judge, YG doesn’t let anyone bring his artists down, YG Family is filled with badasses, all these badasses have power, money, and they won’t let their nuna/unnie go through all these stupid shit by herself. Because a family always sticks together no matter what.

So Miss. Park Bom, wipe those useless tears off your face and smile, smile as big as you can and show them that you don’t give a fuck, because you shouldn’t in the first place. It happened FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO. You had prescription. So smile. Don’t let them bring you down and change you.

Jung Daehyun, the single father

Taehyung: Appa, where’s eomma?
Daehyun: /breaks down and sobs
Taehyung: /in his diary\ Appa found out that eomma’s actually straight… MENBOONG.
Daehyun: /daebutt’s still sobbing

YG: *drops teaser images: WHO IS NEXT?*
YG Stans and WINNER fans be like: Not WINNER.

On a day where everyone is some place either than their homes.


Jongup and Lay, the most precious KPOP idols that we all should take care of.
[B.A.P ATTACK!] Jared fucked up. JongUp judging extremely hard.

It’s funny how KPOP fandoms are always at each others throats; but when issues, such as the one EXO is going through right now, we suddenly unite as one. We may be cheering for different groups, we may have fought with each other, but at the end of the day, all the KPOP fandoms are still a big family. A big family that fights a lot and says hateful things to each other, but at the end, we still have each other’s backs.