I just want to take this time and send my deepest condolence to Go Eunbi’s family, friends and relatives.

I’ll be honest and say that I am not a fan of Ladies Code. Not because I ‘hate’ their music or I find them ‘annoying’, NOT AT ALL. I’ll be honest and tell you that I have scoffed and rolled my eyes when, ‘Ladies Code talks about being similar to Wonder Girls.’ I didn’t scoff and roll my eyes because I hate them, it’s because there’s no group that are ‘similar’ or ‘the same.’ All of them have their own uniqueness.

To read, ‘car accident’ in a KPOP article, all of us would just go, ‘Gosh, not again.’ But to read an article saying this member passed away, that member got injured and needs surgery and the others have minor injuries; that’s a big BLOW. It’s shocking, it makes you sad, it makes you angry, it makes you confused and it makes you blame. It basically makes you go crazy.

To think that fanwars still exists today and fans going at each others throats, it’s saddening isn’t it? Why should we fight? Why should we leave mean comments? Does it make us all feel better? Yes, sometimes there is this sense of accomplishment when you bring someone, and or even a WHOLE fandom down. But seriously? That feeling of accomplishment will vanish.

KPOP fans. I think that we’re the most dedicated, hardworking, loyal, funny, talented and diverse fans. We’re the ones, along with our biases, who needs to LEARN how to be thick skinned. We get bashed because we listen to something ‘weird.’ Our biases gets bashed because their not ‘talented.’ Bullshit right? Why do we still have to bash each other when other people are already doing it? We should be supportive of everyone and we should all be fighting for each other, not WITH each other.

It’s sad seeing all fandoms getting together only when something tragic happens. It’s heartwarming too. But seriously? All of us should always be there with each other.

Your biases, look at them. All of them care for each other, all of them respect each other. Why can’t we be like them? Their always busy, yet they still have time to listen to other groups’ music, they make time to get to know someone and become friends. Why can’t we do that? We have so much free time compared to them.

We should live our lives to the fullest, befriend others, stop with the fanwars. It’s true, you never know what will happen.

21 years old. Only 21 years of enjoying life. Only a year of living her dream. But I know, Heaven yet again welcomed another beautiful, talented, kind, nice, and caring angel in it’s arms. #RIPEunB #PrayForLadiesCode


I just wanna say, Seunghoon’s vocal is amazing, Seungyoon’s rap is amazing, and Mino’s deep, raspy, vocal is also amazing.
That NAMja is probably thirsty for Mino, hearing him sing and all.
Meanwhile Jinwoo’s probably being the ‘lil piece of bambi he is and being all cute.

Sitting behind my computer screen watching Blackjack’s rapping and asking myself, “Why are YG Stans so damn talented?”
Hoping for…

●Bom to suddenly unleash her inner rapping skills featuring YG’s rapper line. (CL, MINZY, GD, T.O.P, TEDDY, MASTA WU, EPIK HIGH, MINO, SEUNGHOON, DOUBLE B, etc.)
●CL showing that ‘nugu’ person how to do an actual diss track.
●A video uploaded in YG and 2NE1’s Youtube account of the girls laughing their asses off.

YG STANS: We hurt as much as our biases, but in the end, we go through it like badasses. Hashtag; SWAG.

You can’t break YG STANS, you just can’t.

Let’s play a game. Are you in?
The game is called; Triple Dog Dare
Let me explain. This is like Truth or Dare, but with a twist. Instead of having to choose Truth, you can only choose Dare. Triple Dog Dare is a challenge, it tests your capability and your strength. But in our case, it also tests our LOYALTY.

Here are the rules:
★You CANNOT back out.
★You HAVE to do the Dare, if you can’t, then you’re out.

Simple right?

So to all BLACKJACKS out there, I Triple Dog Dare you to:
♥Scream as loud as you can for 2NE1. in awards shows, concerts, performances, etc. (Not at the airport, hotels, or any public places though)
♥Show them that we’re always here to support them.
♥Give them love, loads of it!
♥Be STRONG for them.
♥PROTECT them.
♥IGNORE the haters.
♥Treat the members EQUALLY.
♥Stand up for them.
♥Be there for them when others are trying to put them down.
♥Be KIND to them.

Here’s the special Triple Dog Dare of this week:
♡Send our Angel Bom loads of love.

Are you up for it BLACKJACKS?
Just so you know, this will go on for a VERY long time. More Dare’s will be added in, are you in? If you are, let’s start.

Spread the news BLACKJACKS.